Chaseburg Manufacturing, Inc.: Custom steel fabrication and welding, made in the USA.

Custom Steel Fabricators

Custom Fabrication

We offer Just in Time inventory management for our customers that need expedited delivery of parts and components. We work closely with our JIT customers to determine their exact needs and establish a process that supports their objectives.

An overview of our equipment includes:

  • Steel Welding GMAW / Mig FCAW / GTAW, SMAW for carbon steel and structural steel.
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Welding GTAW / TIG for stainless or aluminum
  • Shears Multiple stations capable of shearing 20 GA to 1/4″ HR plate.
  • Press Brakes Multiple stations capable of 10′ lengths.
  • Saws Capacity 12″H x 20″W @ 90 degree square.
  • Iron Worker Scotchman, capacity 90 tons.
  • Power Roller One station plate and bar.
  • Capable of applying primers.
  • Other Equipment lift trucks, cutting torches, lazer cutting.